A Brand New Resource Tool for EasyWorship

Churches Need More Trained Software Operators

Benefits of training more operators:
  • More people get involved in the church's ministry.
  • The overall level of professionalism is greatly increased
  • Even those familiar with the program can learn new techniques.
  • The load is lighter on the over-worked few.
  • The church is prepared for absences due to sickness or vacation.
  • Professionaly made training video on high quality DVD

Chapter Titles Include:

Basic Operation - an overall review of how to build a schedule and how to use the program in the service
Operating Tips - tips gleaned from collaborating with many churches as to what works well < what to avoid
Options and Settings - EasyWorship has a host of options < settings which can greatly nhance the experience
DVD Functions - step by step "how to" of selecting multiple clips from a DVD < adding them to the schedule
Song Editor - tips on editing and configuring database songs

Dual Screen - the most challenging aspect of EasyWorship is setting up the dual screen function - here is a step-by-step guide

Perfect fit for in-house training sessions or for convenient private review at your new recruits' leisure.

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