EasyWorship Rocks!
We bought it a couple of months ago, and it has revolutionized our worship services. Not only is it easy to train and deploy new presentation operators, but it made the service and job more enjoyable. Other pastors are asking us what we use after they see it.

Tried 6 of the Top Recommended Programs then Chose EasyWorship
I have been evaluating worship software and have tried about a half dozen of the top recommended programs. I settled on EasyWorship because it is what the name implies.

We've been satisfied owners of EasyWorship for over a year now..
and I've yet to find a software title that dares compare features, quality, performance or value with it. EasyWorship is hands-down the best all-around projection solution for any church.

Great Program!
Easy to use and navigate. Having tried Media Shout and Powerpoint for years now, switching to your program is incredible.

A Pro researched 40 then bought EasyWorship:
I am a professional instructor and have done more with Powerpoint than most users even know is possible. However I knew Powerpoint was not conducive to a non-linear church service that may change at the last minute. I researched forty or more programs. I visited local churches to view programs in use. I ran every sample version I could get at home for about a month. To make a long story short, EasyWorship was our choice!

Ten Year Old EasyWorship Expert!
My ten year old son with about five minutes orientation was able to run it flawlessly. That's why I chose EasyWorship over the other options out there. Yes! The neat thing about EasyWorship is that it has opened up a ministry to our children. What better way to keep our children interested in church than to give them the opportunity to radically transform the worship experience. Cool stuff!

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