One of the Key Elements of an Excellent Multi-Media system is...

Starting with The Right Screen.

Some Vital Questions in Choosing the Best Screen for Your Needs:

  • Which type of screen best suits your needs? Should it be front or rear projection, ceiling or wall mounted? Various room and lighting conditions will affect your choice.
  • What size of screen do you need? How many does your auditorium seat? How far from the screen is the furthest seating? Common screen widths for auditoriums vary from 6' 8', 10',12' and sometimes larger.
  • Which screen format is appropriate? While many seem to like a square screen, common data and video projection units produce a picture in the ratio of 4:3 units -width:height
  • Which screen surface is best for your needs? There are twelve common screen surfaces which vary in viewing angle and possess different light-reflecting qualities to match the varying projection uses and room configurations.

Let us assist you in Assessing your Screen needs.

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