Your Church Can Use a Data Video Projector:
  1. Pre-Service Worship Focus- help your people prepare to meet with God
  2. Worship hymns and choruses in beautiful colour format
  3. Announcements-highlight special announcements before during < after service-people remember far more of what they both see < hear!
  4. Movie nights for the kids
  5. Super Bowl Outreach
  6. Youth Night- "Mega Screen PlayStation Event"
  7. Evangelistic crusade simulcast
  8. Christian music videos for the whole family
  9. Special Ladies Meetings - Inspirational speakers
  10. Nursery Alert Display - this can be displayed at anytime without the need for additional costly hardware.
  11. Bible verses - Share God's Word with newcomers without a Bible
  12. Evangelism Seminar Training
  13. Maps to illustrate the sermon
  14. Youth/couples retreats
  15. Membership/Baptism Seminars
  16. Missionary reports from the field
  17. Family movie nights
  18. Closed Circuit Display for Overflow audiences
  19. Inspirational Worship and Missions videos
  20. Photos of the Holy Land from CD-ROMs
  21. Wedding Ceremony- photos of the happy couple's growing up years during the signing of the register
  22. Financial information -- budgets numbers < graphs
  23. Attendance statistics graphs and charts
  24. Community outreach-computer training
  25. Teleconference calls with missionaries
  26. Cell Group video presentations
  27. Church Anniversary - Share the Memories!
  28. Vacation Bible School Highlights
  29. Church Building Fund Kick Off - Share the Vision
  30. Church Building Dedication - Celebrate the Completion
  31. Children's videos for Junior Church
  32. Special Parenting Seminars
  33. Movie clips sermon illustrations
  34. Drama team presentations
  35. Visiting speakers' multi-media presentations
  36. Nursing home videos
  37. Church camp Highlights- videos or photos
  38. Birth Announcements- what better way to let every one share in the joyful event and get a glimpse of these precious gifts of God!
  39. Introduce New Members by photo display
  40. Sunday School Video Series Adult Elective Class - boost attendance
  41. As the use of a Data Projector involves computer use, another benefit of using a data projector is getting the young people involved in the church-as the youth are often the most computer literate. Harness their interest for the Lord!
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